Do I Need to Make Reservations to Visit the Mississippi Agricultural Forest Museum in Northeastern Jackson?

Do you need to make reservations before visiting the Mississippi Agricultural Forest Museum in northeastern Jackson? It's always a good idea to call ahead and confirm before your visit. The museum is located off Lakeland Drive, on Interstate 55 in northeast Jackson. This article will provide an overview of ticket prices, discounts, and other information you need to know before you go.If you're planning a trip to the Mississippi Agricultural Forest Museum, it's important to know what discounts and deals are available. Prices are shown by age group or reduced rate group.

You can also book discounted tickets online for the museum, if available, or make a reservation to reserve a time slot, if applicable. The museum is closed every Monday, as well as most college holidays.The Bailey Woods Trail and Rowan Oak grounds are open daily from dawn to dusk. The public is invited to attend all exhibition openings, the Brown Bag conference cycle, Free Sketch Fridays, and Family Activity Days. All ages are welcome.A bicycle rack is conveniently located next to the side entrance of the museum.

Inside, you'll find bathrooms and a water fountain. Spend half an hour walking along the Bailey's Woods Trail, between the museum and Rowan Oak.The University of Mississippi museums are located at University Avenue and 5th St., Oxford, MS 38655. You can view a map here. Nearby, you'll find tours and tickets for the Mississippi Agricultural Forest Museum, including discount cards, skip-the-line tickets, and tickets to events and activities in Jackson.

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