Family-Friendly Activities in Northeastern Mississippi: A Guide for Families

Are you looking for a fun and educational family activity? Look no further than Northeastern Mississippi! From visiting state parks to exploring local historic sites, there are plenty of things to do in the area that will interest the whole family. Whether you're looking for music festivals, art and craft fairs, or museums, Northeastern Mississippi has something for everyone. Take a road trip to Meridian and enjoy Queen City's family-friendly festivals. Here, you can find all the fun you remember from your childhood holidays, as well as a safe environment for young people.

If your family is looking for an exciting group adventure, Tupelo is the perfect destination. The Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum in Cleveland, MS celebrates Mississippi's many contributions to music, from blues and jazz to gospel and soul. The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Lefleur's Bluff State Park explores the region's natural fauna and flora through more than 73,000 square feet of permanent and temporary exhibits. The Mississippi Children's Museum and the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science are also located on the park grounds.

The Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson features exhibits about the natural history of Mississippi, including live animals and interactive exhibits. The Mississippi Recording Academy GRAMMY Museum celebrates the history and impact of American music, with exhibits on Mississippi's musical heritage and interactive exhibits. Families can also visit the Medgar and Myrlie Evers House National Monument in Jackson, Mississippi. This site not only provides information about the history of blues music in Mississippi, but it also gives visitors the opportunity to experience it in a unique way.

The Dan Franklin Zoo in Jackson is the largest zoo in the state and is home to 300 buffaloes, the largest herd east of the Mississippi River, a 19-foot tall giraffe called Tall Boy, and a capuchin monkey named Oliver. The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum offers an immersive experience of the civil rights movement that took place in the state of Mississippi. The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is a 15,000 square foot exhibition space located in an architecturally significant elementary school in the city of Mississippi. It presents interactive exhibits and presentations that encourage exploration and discovery through play.

The Gulf Coast alligator ranch at Moss Point offers visitors the opportunity to see wild alligators in their natural habitat through guided ranch tours and exciting airboat tours through the swamps of southern Mississippi. Finally, don't forget to visit the former Cottonland Museum now known as the Mississippi Delta Museum. Here you can explore archeology, agriculture, antiquities, and animals of the region with an extensive collection of artifacts, objects, and objects related to agriculture, history, military, and art. Northeastern Mississippi has something for everyone when it comes to family-friendly activities! From music festivals to museums to alligator ranches, there are plenty of options for families looking for an educational and entertaining experience. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!.

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